Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happily ever after... an excerpt from a book

As you know... I read a lot.... And one of the 2 books I am currently reading is: Pieces of Happily Ever After, by Irene Zutell....

Without further delay... Here it is... It's magical

"Before school, Gabby asks me to read her Cinderella for what has to be at least the thousandth time. After I finish, Gabby tells me the secret to all fairy tails. She says they're divided into three parts. There's the really bad stuff at the beginning. There there's the stuff in the middle that's still pretty bad, but at least there's a little hope. And last, there's the happily ever after. The prince kisses the princess and she's alive again. Or awake after a deep sleep. Or the shoe fits. Or the girl in the tower cries and the prince has his vision restored. Gabby believes life is the same way. She says one day, no matter what, everyone gets their happily ever after."

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