Friday, January 20, 2017

Honk honk honk

I dont even have words anymore.
The stress of the last year and a half is closing in. Weve gotten to live in bubble and pretend we were invisible, but that changes soon.  The consequences are coming and there is no more bubble.  No more fairy tale.  Everything will change. Everything I've spent time cultivating and nurturing will be different and no one can stop the train from crashing. We just get to stand there. Let it hit us and when the dust settles tend to the worst wound and work my way down from there. The wounds will be severe. The wounds could be catastrophic. But right now. I see the train, its horn blaring to move, but the chains wont let me. Movement is not possible. Bracing for the impact is all i can do.
The breathing becomes more shallow, and it seems too late for the hail mary prayers.

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CourageOnAFeather said...

Strength and mostly Courage. You'll find you have more than enough when you need it most. You always do.